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Tanzania Travel & Safety

“You will experience the most trouble-free journey in the country as millions of people have never complained of any serious safety issue here.”For any traveller, Tanzania Travel Safety shouldn’t be a concern as the country is the safest place to visit, and your Tanzania Safari Tours can be even safer with simple safety precautions that will help avoid petty theft or pick-pocketing.

Planning To Visit the National Parks

“Following the directions of your safari guides and not disturbing the wildlife will keep you safe in Tanzanian National Parks”Use official sites only while planning to visit the national parks for your Tanzania Safety. With Tanzania Tribe Safari advice from our local travel guides, you will stay safe even while visiting isolated regions on Tanzania Safari Tours. It is advised to stay aware all the time and listen to your safari guides to avoid any unwanted wildlife attention as it can be risky. Antelope Safaris have the necessary documents and permissions necessary for entering the national parks. Individuals without these documentations cannot get access to the parks.

Safety While Trekking

“Stay hydrated to avoid altitude sickness while trekking in Tanzania.”For your Tanzania Tourism Safety, while trekking in Tanzania, you must choose a reputable travel company such as Antelope Safaris as our guides are well trained and equipped to cope with emergencies that may arise on the mountain. Our guides take ultimate care of the Tanzania Health and Safety and prevent you from getting affected by altitude sickness


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