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The climb to Mount Kilimanjaro is not for the faint-hearted. You need physical fitness and strong willpower if you want a successful trip – you need great nutritious food.

When you climb to the highest free-standing peak of the world with a responsible trekking company. Tanzania Tribe Safari, we make sure everything goes perfect on the trip. Tanzania tribe Safari knows that you want to have the best experience possible on your climb, so we make sure there’s enough energy and fluids for all stages.

A proper diet is essential when climbing Kili – from breakfast through dinner each day as well as before bed at night!

Kilimanjaro Food Price List provided by us is much lesser than the other cheap trekking operator and any standard hygienic restaurant of Moshi and Arusha town. While you trek to the top along with your guides, hike as well. We have the most experienced cook who has over 15 years knowledge about how much energy you need to summit this mountain. Our cooks have great expertise in cooking delicious food.

We ensure you have the perfect balance of nutrients with our special diet plans for every traveler. If you’re traveling on a keto or low-carb plan, we can help make it easier to stay in shape by restricting carbohydrates and offering more protein so that fat intake isn’t compromised too much!

Talk to us about your diet while booking your Kilimanjaro trip.

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