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The best route to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is a balance between adventure and safety. There are 7 main routes that lead up the mountain, including one where you start on the Northern side and others starting from the Southern sides of this African landmark!

  • Northern Circuit Route
  • Lemosho Route
  • Shira Route
  • Machame Route
  • Rongai Route
  • Marangu Route
  • Umbwe Route

We get this question a lot! The best way to climb Kilimanjaro depends on what you want. Here are our favorites and why they’re great for your adventure

A trek is the most traditional approach, but it’s also very difficult because of altitude sickness-especially if someone has never been above 6000 feet before (and even then). So while these routes will provide some amazing views along with hearty exercise routines that make everyone feel good about themselves afterwards

The Lemosho and Machame routes offer a higher success rate than other paths on Kilimanjaro. These two popular trails are considered excellent for acclimatization because they require less time at high altitudes, so your body has enough energy when it’s finally climbing up towards Base Camp! A lighter load makes these winners by Easy Night Summit.

Which Is The Most Scenic Route To Climb Kilimanjaro?

If you are looking for a route that will take your breath away with stunning views, then the Lemosho approach from the West is what’s up. You’ll have amazing vistas in all directions!

Which Route Is Quite To Climb Kilimanjaro?

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and have a successful climb, then I recommend taking this route. It’s been proven that less people make it up here so there will be fewer distractions for your journey! The RONGAI ROUTE

Which Route Is The Most Challenging Route Climbing Kilimanjaro?

Stand up and be counted among the ranks of those who have made it to the top – Climb with us on our Tanzania tribe safari, where we’ll take care not only of your physical needs but also all that is lost while trekking through this mystical landscape.

A climb up Kilimanjaro will change everything: The views are unforgettable; its Challenges define courage.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Machame Route

– Starting At USD $2,400 – $2700

Recommended, best success rate.

Allows “walk high, sleep low” for better acclimatization.

Stunning scenery climbing through five diverse climatic zones.

Ascent and descent is via different routes.

Fully catered camping.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route – Starting At USD $2,600 – 2900

An excellent route to climb Kilimanjaro with a high success rate.

Allows climbers to “walk high, sleep low” enabling better acclimatization.

Remote and spectacular approach with dramatic gorges and views of west Kilimanjaro.

Shira route offers a higher start point therefore is less good for acclimatization.

Fully catered camping.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Marangu Route – Starting At USD $2,050 – 2400

Shortest route to the summit which means less time to acclimatize.

Much lower success rate.

Dormitory style accommodation which can be noisy.

Less scenic due to ascent and descent on the same route.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Rongai Route – Starting At USD $2430 – $2730

Only northern approach route to Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit.

Offers a true wilderness experience on the early stages of the climb.

Very tough final summit night.

Less natural acclimatization with no opportunities to “walk high, sleep low”.

Fully catered camping.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Umbwe Route – Starting At USD $2300 – $2797

Steep, short route with very low success rate.

Poor acclimatization due to rapid ascent.

Very remote and quiet for the first two days.

Fully catered camping.

Which Route Is Best To Climb Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro is a challenging mountain, with many different routes to choose from. You can make your climbing experience easier by determining which of these 6 factors will impact you most before deciding on the best one for yourself!


Difficulty of the summit night

How busy the route is

What are the accommodation options


What is the success rate

How To Acclimatize On Climbing Kilimanjaro?

To mitigate the risk of altitude sickness and improve your chance of summiting, follow this simple rule: climb high, but sleep low. The best routes for acclimatization are either Machame or Lemosho as they naturally allow you to do so without sacrificing comfort in favor of distance traveled per day!

How Difficult Is The Summit Night?

The most challenging part about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is reaching the summit. There are two routes that you can take, one which will get you there in about 3-6 hours and another with a more time and difficult approach but also greater reward if successful as it takes longer for each person to reach their highest point on top, Uhuru peak!.

Are The Routes Busy?

To get the most out of your climb to Kilimanjaro, do not start on the southern route. The Rongai Route starts north east and has less traffic compared with popular south- routes so you will be able to find solitude there!

Kilimanjaro Climb Accommodation?

The Marangu route is the best way to climb Kilimanjaro if you don’t like tents. However, be aware that these huts are basic and loud!

Kilimanjaro Climb Routes Safety

The Arrow Point route may be the most famous of all Kilimanjaro routes, but it’s also one that we don’t recommend for inexperienced trekkers. The rocks on this side are incredibly loose and can provide an intense headache when they fall down into your path during a storm or if you step wrong while climbing!

Which Route Has The Highest Summit Success Rate?

The 9 Day Northern Circuit route is the best way to climb Kilimanjaro in terms of summit success rate. This slow and easy trek takes you directly up a mountain, where it’s easier for your body’s natural acclimatization process because there aren’t any long nights with little sleep that can lead into dangerous dehydration or other issues at higher elevations!

We offer group climbing starting every week through the year with different routes each time. If you’re looking for a particular climb our system will tell when it is running that specific trip. Or simply check with us!



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