The first leg of this tour starts from the departure point, which leads to the Tarangire National Park. There will be time spent there on day one before departing for Ngorongoro Conservation Area, where an ascent and descent of the volcano can occur. On day three, we’ll spend time at Lake Natron before taking off again on day four to explore Serengeti National Park. The fifth day is dedicated solely to exploring Serengeti. In contrast, the sixth day offers a chance to interact with Bushmen who live in Lake Eyasi. We depart on the seventh day back toward Arusha town or any other departure location nearby.

Experience an Africa Safari Holiday with our exclusive and intimate seven days and six nights on Africa Safaris! Starting in Arusha, you will spend the first seven days exploring the exciting wildlife of Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti National Park. Observe, enjoy wildlife game drives and get closer to animals such as elephants, zebras, lions, and leopards. 

On our seven days 6, nights Africa safaris journey, we’ll expose you to everything this continent has to offer- including experiencing The Real Wild by staying outdoors during your vacation. Witness animal activity right outside your tent- don’t worry about dragging around luggage when taking a shower either- step out into nature or take one under the stars at night while sipping some wine (on us!).

Destinations: Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Natron, and Lake Eyasi.




Destination Description and attractions: 

Tarangire is a wildlife-based destination with the unique features of the big elephant herd and the old and large-sized baobab trees. There are also other wildlife animals and birds.

Activities: Travel from Arusha town to Tarangire National Park, Game driving in the park, Drive from the park to Mto WA Mbu near Lake Manyara 

Meal Plan: Breakfast in Arusha town, Lunch in Tarangire National Park picnic, and dinner in Mto WA Mbu.

Overnight:  in the tented camp or lodges (guest choice) in Mto WA Mbu near Lake Manyara.

Time and Distance: 08:00 Am departure time from the hotel in Arusha 2hrs of Drive from Arusha Town to Tarangire National park gate, which is a distance of 120km drive, 8hrs game driving, and head to Mto WA Mbu for an overnight.

Destination Description and attractions: 

Lake Natron, in the north of Tanzania, is a mineral-rich soda lake at the border with Kenya. The destination is well known because it is the breeding ground for thousands of lesser flamingos. It is the red water lake below the volcanic Oldonyo Lengai, an active volcano in the rift valley.

Activities: A drive from Mto WA Mbu to Lake Natron, a walking tour, and a drive from Lake Natron to Mto WA Mbu for dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan: Breakfast at Mto WA Mbu, Lunch will be hot lunch in one of the local restaurants in Lake Natron, and dinner in Mto WA Mbu.

Overnight in the tented camp or lodge (guest choice) near lake Eyasi.

Time and Distance: 08:00 Am departure time from Mto WA Mbu, Ihr45hrs drive from Mto WA Mbu to Lake Natron which is a distance 116km drive, 8hrs walking tour and lunch and head to accommodation facilities for an overnight.

Destination Description and attractions: 

The park is one of the natural heritage sites in Tanzania; it delivered its name from the Maasai language, “Siringiti,” which means an endless plain. The park is well known due to the annual wildebeest migration, whereby thousands of wildebeest and hundreds of zebra migrate from Serengeti to the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya. The park has several attractions, including wild animals, the big five, birds, acacia trees, kopjes, plain grassland, and wildebeest migration.

Activities: A drive from Mto WA Mbu through the rim of Ngorongoro Crater to Serengeti, En route game drive, drives to the accommodation activities for dinner and overnight. 

Meal Plan: Breakfast at Mto WA Mbu, Lunch will be lunch box at Naabi Hill picnic site and dinner in The Serengeti National Park.

Overnight:  in the tented camps or lodge (guest choice) in the Serengeti National Park.

Time and Distance: 08:00 Am departure time from Lake Natron 6hrs 15mins drive from Lake Natron through the rim of Ngorongoro crater to the Serengeti National park, which is a distance of 316km drive.

The day will start with the morning breakfast and the packed lunch box, where you will begin the morning game drive, which will be from morning to afternoon in the Serengeti National park. Being the heart of African wildlife, in the Serengeti National Park, you can capture a spot on the best big five, especially the Elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards, and, luckily, the rhinos. Moreover, you will see a variety of other wild animals and birds. After the fascinating game drive, you will start heading to the Ngorongoro crater rim.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

Dinner and Accommodation: Ngorongoro Crater Rim.

Activities: Game drive, Travel from Serengeti to Ngorongoro.

Time & distance: 146km from the Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater

After the morning breakfast at Ngorongoro, where you had your overnight, you will start to venture into the Ngorongoro conservation area. On reaching the Ngorongoro gate and fulfilling all the formalities, you will be heading directly to the Ngorongoro crater, where you will be descending the crater, which is a distance of 600m long or reaching the crater surface. On ascending and descending the crater, expect to spot almost all of the big five, such as lions, Leopards, Buffalos, elephants, and Rhinoceros. 

This is because the crater is the habitat for many animals; therefore, you will be able to spot other wildlife animals such as zebra, wildebeest, gazelles, impalas, hyenas, cheetah, and the like with several species of birds. Then after ascending out of the crater, you will head to the crater rim for the overnight. Moreover, in the Ngorongoro conservation area, expect to meet the famous Maasai culture because Ngorongoro is a multiple land use area where people live in the wild. Hence you can have fun with the Maasai people over there.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

Dinner & Accommodation: In Lake Eyasi village.

Activities: Travel from Ngorongoro to Lake Eyasi.

Time & distance: 67km from Ngorongoro to Lake Eyasi.

On this day, you will be fully dissolved in the remained hunters’ tribe in Tanzania, which is the “hadzabe people.” With them, you will go hunting, and they will teach you how to hunt and jungle survival skills. They are well known and nicknamed the Tanzania Bush man because their life resembles South African bushmen who reside in the forest and have no permanent settlement, as they live on shifting. 

Moreover, you will learn other cultural practices from these authentic people that their authenticity is nowhere in the world. Nevertheless, you will visit the lake Eyasi for spot fishing which the local hadzabe people will also guide, and you can test the local food if interested. This will be a walking tour; after that, you will be heading to Manyara for the overnight and dinner.

Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch & dinner

Dinner and Accommodation: In Mto WA Mbu near Lake Manyara

Time & distance: 221km from Lake Eyasi to Manyara

Activities: Cultural tour in the haze tribe, Travel from Lake Eyasi to Manyara

This is the last day of seven days tour in the Northern Tanzania tourist destination, which will end up in the Lake Manyara National park, which is the park that offers a breathtaking view and a large variety of habitats. The water forests, baobab trees, swamps, acacia woodland, the algae hot spring, and Lake Manyara. 

Though the park is not that big, it has supported incredible birdlife and several wildlife species. The park has a concentration of baboons almost everywhere, and its lion is renowned for its adoptive feature as the tree-climbing lion. After that, you will be transferred to Arusha town.

Meal plan: Breakfast & Lunch

Dinner and Accommodation: Depends on the departure day

Time & distance: 125km from Lake Manyara to Arusha town 

Activities: Short travels, Game drive, and transfer to Arusha town

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