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Tanzania safari is all about experiencing the combination of natural wonder, abundant wildlife, and colourful traditions. The country is heart of African Safari and drives people crazy worldwide. On your Tanzania Safari Tours, you will come across some of the best locations in Africa. 

One of the dream destinations amongst many travellers the country holds some of the famous spots of the African continent. Safari and trekking activities attract more than 1,093,000 tourists every year. You can go on various game drives and choose to stay at luxury safaris which are incredibly comfortable making them the Best Safari in Tanzania. Thousands of tourists from across the globe visit this amazing country with rich culture and heritage. The incredible game drives and walking safaris in various national parks are the main attractions of this country. Travelling with local experts gives you an insider perspective on Tanzania’s secret gems. Get Tanzania safaris packages by top competing Tanzania tour operators Tanzania Tribe Safari.

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Tanzania Safaris will unlock some of the romantic as well as adventurous moments.



Tanzania showcases some of the quintessential safari destinations in the world, and choosing the best one might be difficult. Here we suggest a list of the most iconic park to choose from.


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The best way to enjoy your trip is with an adaptable backpack that you can use for all sorts of adventures. We recommend packing light, so as not to have too many things weighing down on hand when climbing stairs or walking long distances during travel time!

Tanzania is a great country to visit for its natural wonders, but you’ll need some cash along the way. You can withdraw Tanzanian shillings using Visa/MasterCard in Arusha or Moshi and other cities as well – just make sure that most restaurants don’t accept credit cards and there’s always an extra fee when paying with one! Call your Credit Card company before leaving home so they know what destination you’re going too because sometimes companies put blocks on these types of transactions during trips abroad.

Traveling is all about the adventure and thrill of new cultures. Digestive tract troubles? Not when you’re traveling! When we say “feed me,” it’s not just for your stomach but also a chance to experience another culture through its cuisine: flavorful yet healthy dishes that will make any palate happy.
Yes, we book East Africa internal travel, including flights, bus rides and shuttles. Your tickets will be kept in the office for you or mailed to you, depending on your first destination. For international flights, we will email you and we will provide you with  travel agent contact information – who will take care of you.

Health insurance is not included in tour quotes. However, for an additional of $50-100-pp depending on age and duration of their trip, we can assist you to take out membership for the First Air Responder(FAR), which provides aero-medical evacuation services for up to 2000km from Nairobi Wilson Airport and for up to eight weeks in duration (depending on your itinerary with MW). THIS DOES NOT REPLACE PERSONAL TRAVEL INSURANCE IN ANYWAY.


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