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Ruaha national park is one of the few Tanzania famous wilderness area where one can have a rare experience of game viewing spiced up by the fascinating landscape. The park is rich of plants and animals such as Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) which cannot be found in any other national park. 

The park boasts of her almost untouched and unexplored ecosystem, making visitor’s safari experience very unique. The Great Ruaha River as other rivers like Mwagusi, Jongomero and Mzombe save as the life line of the park. During dry season, these rivers become mostly the main source of water for wildlife. There are few natural springs saving the same purpose. In the pick of dry season, elephants obtain water from dry sand rivers using their front feet and trunks. The remaining water falls along the Great Ruaha River are also important habitat for hippopotamus, fish and crocodiles. The park history dates back to 1910 when it was gazetted Saba Game Reserve by the Germany then the name was changed by British to Rungwa Game reseve in 1946.


In 1964 the southern portion of the Game was gazetted as Ruaha national park and in 1974 a small section of South Eastern part of the Great Ruaha River was incorporated into the park. The name Ruaha originates from the Hehe word Ruvaha, which means river. Ruaha National Park is part of Rungwa-Kizigo Muhesi ecosystem which covers more than 45000km2. In 2008 Usangu game Reserve and other important wetlands in Usangu basin have been annexed into the park, making it the largest park in Tanzania and East Africa with an area of about 20226km2.

Getting There

Ruaha National Park is simply outstanding. Get famed as Tanzania’s largest park that boasts a staggering amount of unspoiled wilderness waiting to be explored. With pleasant weather and enticing destinations, people come here to discover the land of magnificence. 

Ruaha and allurement similarly correlated. Thus, every year travellers come here to spend their vacation. You can go for the Kilimanjaro National Airport or Julius Nyerere International Airport. Along with this carry your identity proofs, VISA, flight tickets, and all the essential documents, with a safe package. We provide the best travel experience in Tanzania. And assure you for the best quality service.

Best Time To Visit

Ruaha National Park- lesser-known but yet largest national park in Tanzania. The climate in Ruaha is enjoyable. You can feel the same climate throughout the year. When the preference comes for the best season to visit. It is the dry season.

The entire land of alluring Ruaha encompasses with abundant wildlife and diverse vegetation. From the month of June to October, you’ll get the best wildlife scenery. And during the wet season from the month November to March, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the winsome view of nature. For magnificent sightseeing or a perfect trip, get in touch with us.

Uniqueness & Things To Do

Ruaha National Park is simply magnificent. As a traveler, you can access this region all around the year. And in the dry season, visitors arrive to experience the incredible game drives of wild species. This region is one of the best-kept secrets in the safari world.

Along with the abundant vegetation, you can get the opportunity to explore some of the expensive plants, and that’s uniqueness offer the pleasure to your eyes. Ruaha supports an incredible and globally important predator population, it has the second-largest lion population left in the world. Ruaha also supports the third-largest population of endangered African wild dogs, an abundance of leopards and both striped and spotted hyena.

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