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Gombe National Park is a relatively small national park in Tanzania located on the western border of Tanzania and the Congo. Even being the smallest park the park is famous worldwide for through the initial work of Dr. Jane Goodall who came to study the behaviour of chimpanzees. The landscape of the national park varies from valleys to streams and rivers and the vegetation changes from tropical rainforests, alpine bamboo to grasslands.

 The high concentration of chimpanzees is the unique attraction of the area. The most visible other animals of Gombe National Park are also primates including red-tailed and red colobus monkeys. The national park hosts 200-odd bird species range from the iconic fish eagle to the jewel-like Peter. The park’s 200-odd bird species range from the iconic fish eagle to the jewel-like Peter’s twinspots that hop tamely around the visitors’ centre. After dusk, a dazzling night sky is complemented by the lanterns of hundreds of small wooden boats, bobbing on the lake like a sprawling city. 


An excited whoop erupts from deep in the forest, boosted immediately by a dozen other voices, rising in volume and tempo and pitch to a frenzied shrieking crescendo. It is the famous pant-hoot call: a bonding ritual that allows the participants to identify each other through their individual vocal stylisations. To the human listener, walking through the ancient forests of Gombe Stream, this spine-chilling outburst is also an indicator of imminent visual contact with man closest genetic relative: the chimpanzee.

Getting There

Kigoma is associated with Dar and Arusha by planned flights, to Dar and Mwanza by a moderate rail administration, to Mwanza, Dar, and Mbeya by unpleasant soil streets, and to Mpulungu in Zambia by a weekly ferry.

From Kigoma, nearby lake-taxis take as long as three hours to reach Gombe, or speedboats can be sanctioned, taking short of what 60 minutes.

Best Time To Visit

Gombe Steam National Park is teeming with magnificence. The stunning region Gombe is lying the south of Burundi. One of the Tanzanian smallest parks greets its visitors, throughout the year. There is no perfect time to go for splendor land.

Gombe is famous for its Chimpanzee trekking, thus it’s better to go during the dry season. From July to October, wild species gather near to the water holes and, there you can get the opportunity to explore more. But from March to April, some of the fascinating private lodges are closed due to the heavy rain. Therefore, plan your trip, to explore more.

Uniqueness & Things To Do

Uniqueness and Winsome both are correlated and refers to the western wonder of Tanzania, Gombe Steam National Park. The incredible region is the site of Jane Goodall’schimp research. This land entices various people towards its diverse vegetation and abundant wildlife.

Gombe Steam National Park is all about chimp trekking. This is the smallest national park of Tanzania, but dynamic as well. Gombe Forest Lodge is open all year except for March and April when there are heavy rains. Besides chimpanzees, primates living in Gombe Stream include beachcomber olive baboons, Red Colobus monkeys, and vervet monkeys.

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