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Kuro Tarangire succeeds in combining luxury with environmental awareness and expert guiding.


 Set along the banks of the Tarangire River, Kuro provides a great vantage point to observe the local wildlife, as it passes through the park from the hills in the west to the swamps in the east. You can also watch as the animals negotiate the river line, running from north to south. There are loads of amazing views here!


Kuro’s main lounge area is open, and furnished in a simple but natural fashion. Wooden chairs and sofas are upholstered with big soft cushioning, all in gentle shades of blues, browns and creams. The walls and roof are of exposed thatch, a design that creates a feeling of being very close to nature. There are large windows and the open side of the area yields fantastic game-viewing opportunities – as you watch the passing animals from the comfort of your seat, you may just be tempted to join them! Walk through a door and you will find the dining area. Alternatively, choose to dine outside on the wooded terrace – you will have a great view of the landscape either way. The main building blends well into its surroundings, so although you are in the heart of Tarangire National Park, you can enjoy the sense of isolation and wilderness this lodge gives you.

There are six superb tents at Kuro, all with en-suite bathrooms featuring an eco-flush toilet and a bucket shower. Comfortable wooden beds dominate the rooms, which are decorated in a simple but elegant style! Other furnishings include a table and chair, while the floors are covered by colourful rugs. There is a family tent – this has two bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and adjoining sitting area, so you can bring your family or a few of you could share. Despite the simplicity, the tents are very spacious and well thought out. They have a homely feel too – and you are sure to feel relaxed whether you join other guests in the communal areas or sit on your private veranda to take in the view. The tents sit among the trees, giving you great vistas of the African bush – this is perfect for spotting any passing wildlife or just watching the sun setting over this majestic countryside!


*This property is unfenced and located in a wildlife area, so large and potentially dangerous animals do pass through. If you opt to stay here, always be alert when walking around the camp and request for a member of staff to escort you if you have any concerns. Any guest is escorted after dark as a matter of course.

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