Tanzania Seasons And Climate

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Dry Season in Tanzania

The best time to go on safari in Tanzania is from June through September. This period of the year has less rain and more sunlight, which means that you are likely going see some animals while out exploring @tanzani tribe safari 

Rainy Season in Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania is during the rainy season, which lasts from October through March. This period offers more privacy and less crowds as well because it’s drier than other seasons but still enjoys an extended break from heavy rains in January-February when you can enjoy your trip without worries about getting wet! @tanzania tribe safari

Will I stay in luxury tents or lodges?

Whether you stay at tents or lodges is a choice for those who have purchased different types of packages. For example, if luxury safaris are what interests one then they might prefer the luxurious experience that comes along with staying in more comfortable accommodations where meals can easily prepared by our own cook and other cooking equipment will also be available to use as well @tanzaniatribesafari

Can I take my children on Tanzania safari?

Yes, bring your children on safari! All national parks and many lodges allow a minimum age of 4 for entry. As everything about the trip will be closed off to little ones there’s no need to worry about their safety or boredom–ours is full closure with activities designed just for adults-owned by them too so you know what kind if fun things are going happen during these trips

Can I create my own trip itinerary?

Yes, you can plan your own personalized travel itinerary with Lifetime Safaris. We provide private Tanzania Safari Tours which are customised according to your needs and preferences for a perfect getaway! For getting started on the right foot simply speak with one our knowledgeable experts who will help guide about destinations that interest or pique yours curiosity so it’s just like no time has passed at all since this amazing adventure began…@tanzaniatribesafari
‘One-of -a kind experience awaits’

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